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Indian Matchmaking‘s Sima Taparia spoke to Hindustan Times about not being able to find a single match on the show, if she feels she’s been Updated: Jul 29​, IST The world doesn’t seem to have made up its mind about it.

The pre-order bonus for the game included the Nuketown map, along with a double XP weekend. The news was confirmed on Twitter by the game’s design director David Vonderhaar. I know. Don’t kill the messenger,” he tweeted. You can always play it with your friends in Custom Games. To replace this, Treyarch has added a new playlist to the game’s matchmaking options called the Chaos Moshpit. Much like the Nuketown playlist, the Chaos Moshpit playlist is only available to those who pre-ordered the game.

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Add to that the unique challenges of matchmaking, for instance, an Indian Guyanese wedding planner and high school counsellor with a criminal father — its not always a straight-forward affair. However, Taparia takes it all in her stride. With the help of a motely crew of agents, including a dubious face reader, astrologer, life coach and even another matchmaker, Taparia meets, assesses and matches singletons in the hope of hearing wedding bells and earning her top end commission.

More interesting perhaps is the darker, real side of Indian culture and matchmaking factors that come into play. Had this series been made with working class urban or rural families under the lens, the actual reality of Indian matchmaking would have been exposed. Maybe that could be an idea for season two.

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The second I saw Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking come up on my TV’s home screen, I excitedly texted a bunch of my Desi friends to see if they’d heard anything about it. I’m not saying that there weren’t any stereotypes that caught me off guard on the show like some of the character’s fake accents or the opening scene where Devi’s praying over a book for good grades , but there were some moments that really hit home for me in the coming-of-age comedy.

While I was excited to see something related to the Indian culture get the spotlight yet again, it sort of felt like a personal secret was about to be exposed to the world. I was a little worried how Indians would be portrayed, especially to people who aren’t familiar with a culture where arranged marriages are considered the norm. Would the show go into complexities and nuances that come with matchmaking? Being Indian , I’ve been asked about arranged marriages my entire life and have had to answer questions like, “Do you get to choose who you want to marry or do your parents choose for you?

Having been born in New Jersey but grew up in places like Dubai and Mumbai you can just call me Nikita Charuza From Mumbai , I know plenty of people who have had both arranged marriages and “love marriages. You sort of get lumped into one of those two buckets even though no two stories are the same. My parents had a “love marriage” and I was lucky enough that they supported my decision to marry whoever I wanted.

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But being an Indian woman , and rarely seeing myself represented on the small screen in dating show contexts, I knew I had to watch it as soon as it aired. My expectations were low, but somehow I was still disappointed. The series follows Taparia as she meets with clients including Akshay, Pradhyuman and Ankita, finds out what they want, and aims to set them up with their perfect match.

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Critics wonder why ‘Indian Matchmaking’ didn’t involve Netflix India

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Some things change. Business has picked up for Sima Taparia from Mumbai after the release of the new Netflix reality show Indian Matchmaking. But her reliance on destiny, the alignment of stars, and the subtle power of compromise remains as strong as ever. She denied that finding a suitable life partner, via a matchmaker such as herself, is more difficult for women as compared to men.

Indian Matchmaking is as much about Sima as it is about the young men and women from across the world who seek her services. It is the rare show that plays differently for different viewers. To some, it is a tongue-in-cheek take at rather regressive ideas that are undeniably a part of Indian society — deep-rooted issues such as casteism, colourism and sexism. To others, it comes across as a celebration of those very ideas. Sima is not bothered by the backlash that the show has received.

We have to be truthful. But the series also showed some good things that have changed, like how independent girls are now. The Los Angeles Times reported that none of the participants in the show found suitable life partners. She stressed that she trusts creator Smriti Mundhra, with whom she has worked in the past, to portray her in an unbiased manner on the show.

Matchmaking, Mercenaries, and Unicorns

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‘Indian Matchmaking’ might be controversial but it’s helping Netflix in battle for India

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Jump to content. Last night I played 46 matches in my T43 and T44 two tanks I happen to own that fit the requirements for stage 6 of the Smoothman mercenaries contract. In 46 matches I was bottom tier -2 a total of twice. Yes, I am uptight about being top tier and no more than -1 tier, 44 out of 46 times. That stage requires you to kill a tank 2 tiers higher than you But do you think I could even find these unicorn tanks?

Not a chance. In one match there were two and I went where they most likely should be Both times I had them down to slivers and was within a reload time of finishing them I have never been so unlucky to be top tier so often. Pls Mr. I am up to a total of 3 matches now at -2 Tier. Good news is I will 3 mark my T43 soon.

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Series Review: Indian Matchmaking

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The TM is a Soviet tier 6 premium medium tank. A modification of the T tank, produced at Factory No. Unlike the original vehicle, it featured enhanced front armor and reduced rear armor. Fuel tanks were transferred from the fighting compartment to the rear. When the suspension proved faulty, production was halted after just one prototype was built. Plays very similar to the in-game T The front armor is much thicker than the stock tanks with the same sloping, allowing a surprising number of bounces that the standard T would have eaten.

This makes turning and maneuvering seem sluggish, although if you are using it as a crew trainer for your upper-tier crew the added skills and perks should mitigate this. As to crew training, the tank contains the same crew slots as the regular This means if you’ve left the low tiers behind you will have to find a Radio Operator to fill that slot. All in all this tank plays like the E2 version of the Sherman , whereas the regular T is closer to the E8.

Compared to the other premium Soviet tier 6 medium tank, the T Rudy , the TM has less mobility, but better DPM and hull armor and a slightly better camo-rating and radio range. The TM also has a five-men crew, which makes it a more effective crew trainer. Welcome to Wargaming.

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